Actually there is not really an us, it is more like a me. My background is I was a Computer Tech. by trade, with over 15 years of experience.  I worked for a Fortune 500 company at a research facility.  My job included connecting robotic systems and more to computer interfaces.
Why am I selling the sound units?  Looking to find a decent sound system for aircraft at an affordable price, I could not find one that met my needs.  I set out to design my own, and it expanded from there.  Now on the latest V4.1 the sound system has evolved, as well as the business.
I hope you like what you see, and love what you hear.

Simplicity-  The MrRCSound Sound Units are the simplest and easiest to use on the market - period.  They are literally plug and play, all you may have to do is supply your own style power connector to supply power.  There is no need to connect the unit or memory to your computer to program it.  Best of all, you don't have to pay for any extra software or connection cables, and then have to learn how to wade through it to program it.  Since the firmware for the V4.1 is completely stable, there is no need to flash your card like other systems.  All the functionality the average customer could want is built right in!
Switchable Sounds- The MrRCSound Sound Units come with 6-8 main engine sounds, and a set of 3 aux. sounds to complete a set.  These are switchable with a simplebutton push.  No need to fumble with memory cards with active sounds, or computer editing of a memory card with special software.  Other brands may come with a huge set of unneeded sounds, but only ONE sound is active at a time, meaning you must edit it on a computer at the field, or carry extra SD memory modules if you wish to switch sounds.   The  MrRCSound unit is deigned to be moved from plane to plane at the field and change sounds with just a push of a button between the active 6-8 sounds.  Memory chips are available as add an add on.  Replacing the chip will give you a whole new set of sounds to work with.
Audio Quality-  The MrRCSound V4 and V4.1 produce a rich, full 16 bit sound.  The data sample rate may be a little lower, but in real world applications it cannot be heard by the human ear.  The V4 and 4.1 are capable of full 16bit 44100 samples if requested.  All sounds are Stereo. 
Volume Output- While it is true that many of the  videos showing db output are conducted on a bench at exactly 1M, this is for ease of setup, and recording of the video.  Our claim of 108db output comes from a single MrRCSound propritary TT-25 mounted in a vice to hold it, with a 3"X4" piece of foam attached.  Running the Generic Turbine sound and measured in open air at exactly 1m, not on the bench, the peak output was recorded to be 108db, with a steady db reading of 103db.  Power draw for this test measured just 12v, 0.22A and 5W all at a completed weight of 3.9oz (including the foam).  One competitor claims a similar level of output, but requires two 4" speakers, with an advertised total weight of 13oz., and requiring 26 Volts. 
MrRCSound has at least a dozen videos on Youtube showing exactly how the output was measured, and the real time db reading.  Yet, our competitors, appears to not have one single video demonstrating the volume output of their system.
Support-  I personally respond to all e-mails and can provide guidance before an order, and excellent after sale support. 
Expandability-  The V4.1 has built in raw sound ports so that you can add on one of our Amplifier/Regulator kits so you can add up to 2 more of our Max2 SPL speakers  or TT-25s, for a total of up to 4 speakers.  Our units and amplifiers are designed around our speakers so they produce the most sound possible.  Other systems you have to choose the speakers, which may or may not yield the results you are looking for.
Size, weight, and power- The MrRCSound units are based around the Max2 SPL speakers, being a high output 2" speaker, they are smaller and lighter than 3-4" speakers recommended by other brands, at the same time providing nearly the same or more volume.  The power requirements for the MrRCSound systems is FAR less than others.  The MrRCSound V4 and 4.1 use from 3S - 8S Lipo, but the voltage is regulated down to 12v.  Typically the draw from the battery is less than 2A with 2 Max2 SPL speakers.  Similar volume levels are achieved on two 2" speakers at 12v compared to other brands that require two 4" speakers and 26v.  Power is flight or running time.
Warrantee- Although officially we have a 30 day warrantee, I have never once refused to repair a defective system at no cost to the customer, even long after the warrantee has expired.  As long as there is no evidence of abuse, crash, or tampering, I will be happy to help with defective products.

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