A revolution in how sound for your RC aircraft or ground vehicle is made!  The TT-25 is not a speaker, but a new product that turns your whole airplane into the speaker!  Almost half the weight, smaller size, better bass response, and NO NEED TO CUT HOLES to install speakers! 

Up to 108db from a single TT-25 at 1M on only 12V and 0.5A!

Available ONLY at MrRCSound.  The TT-25 will revolutionize the way you hear sound from your R/C model!

The TT-25 is not a consumer product, and cannot be purchased anywhere but MrRCSound.  MrRCSound owns the molds, and proprietary windings that deliver the most volume, best bass, and lowest power consumption.  Similar looking consumer transducers cannot be compared to the TT-25, they are manufactured by a different company, and are designed for home consumer use.  The TT-25 was designed specifically for RC aircraft and ground vehicles, taking into account the volume and tone requirements for these products.

The PDFs at the bottom of the page show testing done by MrRCSound, and a professional independent lab.  The MrRCSound test used a "pink noise" test, using the same power input and distance.  It shows the TT-25 has a much higher volume low tone, high tone, and higher overall peaks.  The independent lab tests used a 'sign pattern', and show that the TT-25 has a fairly overall higher output, and significantly higher peak over the similar looking consumer product.

Here are the benefits of the TT-25.

1. Weight:  The new TT-25 weighs a paltry 2.5oz.  A full 2oz.+ less than the Max2-SPL, the previous smallest speaker for RC sound systems!  The TT-25 makes the MrRCSound by far the lightest sound system available.
2. Size:  The new TT-25 is about 2" round x 1" thick.  It will fit in most any aircraft down to a wingspan of 1100mm, and most any ground vehicle down to about 1/12 scale.
3. NO MORE HOLES!!!: The TT-25 simply needs a flat spot of foam inside the plane or vehicle to attach to, approximately 1" square (25mm).  Since the airframe acts as the speaker, there is no need to cut the foam, mount speakers, or cover them.  The TT-25 is literally, peel, stick and play!

4. Ease of install: Install time for the whole unit went from probably over an hour to cut and mount the speakers to less than 10 minutes for the whole system to be mounted and ready to go.  The MrRCSound is simply the fastest to install, and easiest to use R/C sound system on the market.
5. No dead spots:  Speakers are fairly directional in production of sound waves.  This means that even with 2 speakers, some orientations of flight may lead to sound dead spots, or diminished volume.  With the TT-25, the airframe is the speaker, so it significantly reduces those dead spots.

6. Improved Bass response:  The TT-25 have a deeper tone to them, while at the same time keeping the nuances of the sound.  They are also adjustable to a degree.  The thicker the foam/wood they are placed on the deeper the sound, with a slight trade off of volume output.  This will allow the user to trade off some bass for volume if desired.

7. More rugged:  Since there is no paper cone, the TT-25 should be more rugged than a speaker, and less likely to be damaged in a crash.

8. DB output:  At MrRCSound volume output is the number one priority.  Hours of testing have shown that the TT-25 is AT LEAST as loud as the Max2-SPL, and in many cases louder.  Variations in volume output and tone will happen depending on the size, shape, and thickness of the material to which it is mounted.  Tests have shown it is possible to reach a maximum volume on a single TT-25 of 108db at 1M with just 12 volts!
The trade off: Heat.  The transducers do seem to generate more heat than the speakers.  With airflow through the cabin of the plane, it should not be an issue, but wires should be routed away from the transducers, just in case.

Use of Transducer/Exciter technology for sound in radio control aircraft, surface, and water vehicles is patent pending by MrRCSound, and subject to U.S. and international Patent Laws.