Sound Systems
Version 4.1
Have you ever wanted to add real engine sounds to your radio control airplane or ground vehicle?  Have you ever wanted that next step in realism for RC aircraft, car or truck?  The MrRCSound Module will give you that extra something at a price you can afford. 
Here is how it works.  The module connects to the 2.4GHz receiver throttle channel on one end, and the ESC on the other.  The card is all self contained and includes the sound modules as well as the amplifier.  The V4.1 board has 6 engine sounds on it for the aircraft version, yes, 6 different engine sounds, 8 for the ground version!  Plus auxiliary sounds such as guns, bombs, sirens, and pilot call outs.  Additional sound packs are available for a large range of engine sounds.  Even if there is no exact match for your plane or ground vehicle, more than likely one of the sounds will be close and sound good.
The engine sound on the Version 4.1 is easily changed between the sounds with a simple push button on the board!

The engine sounds are a high quality recording, with start up and shut down sounds for each engine.  All sounds respond to the throttle input.  For example, with the airplane motor off, open the throttle a crack, the motor comes to life at the same time a starting sound plays, and goes into an idle.  The more throttle given, the higher the RPM sound!
The Version 4.1 module weighs in about 6oz with the Max2-SPL speaker or only 3.7oz with the new TT-25.  Most planes of about 1200mm or larger will haul it.  It is designed to work on a 3S to 8S Lipo battery pack, that are used on these size planes.  Depending on the sound file, the actual output has been measured over 97db on a single speaker, up to 108db on a single TT-25!
The module itself is the whole unit, not just the sound card.  References to "module" refers to the sound card, amplifier, and speaker, all in one whole modular unit.   That is what makes this unit different from others.  It will be sold as a whole unit, Plug and Play, you may say. No soldering, wiring or trying to figure out diagrams.  Simply connect your battery to the unit via a Y cable, connect to a Y cable going to your RX or an empty channel mixed on your RX, and you are up and playing real engine sounds on your RC Airplane or ground vehicle!

What other things set this module apart from others?  It is smaller, and lighter, built for use in smaller aircraft.  The whole module fits nicely in aircraft of about a 1400mm wingspan.  The integrated unit weighs in about 6oz.  Some modifications may be required to make it fit in your plane.
Permanent mounting is not required, and with a simple Velcro attachment method, you may move it to any plane you like in a matter of a couple of minutes.   If you would like to permanently mount the module, it is easily disassembled, so you can put each component where you wish.  You will need to modify each plane with "cheater holes" to allow the sound to escape.  Either a series of drilled holes near the speaker, or a single 1 1/2" square hole.  The square hole allows almost 100% of the sound to escape.  In your kit I will provide a special covering that can be placed over the hole, and painted to match the plane.  You will barely notice it is there.
If you would like further details, please send me an e-mail!  I would love to hear from you.

Recommendations of system based on size of aircraft or ground vehicle.

1100mm-1350mm Wingspan: 1 V4.1 Base Unit
1350mm-1650mm Wingspan: 1 V4.1 Base Unit plus additional TT-25 or Max2-SPP
1650mm and up Wingspan: 1 V4.1 Base Unit, Additional Amplifier, 3 additional TT-25s, or Max2SPL

Car/Truck down to 1/12 scale: 1 V4.1 Base Unit with optional second TT-25 or Max2SPL